Growing Your Brand

Years of experience have shown us and our clients that the best approach to getting your message out is to take a holistic view of your customers and have all your marketing and advertising efforts work in sync. We recommend that you tear down the silos currently in place like the printed circular, the stand-alone email program, the loyalty points program that may or not be linked to actual purchase data, the in-store merchandising plan, the online coupon offers, and the third-party mobile app. Few of these independent tools communicate with each other, and as a result, none of them are working anywhere near capacity.

In 2016, Proco Marketing formed a strategic alliance with SPINS Ventures LLC, which provided our clients with the ability to access what we feel is the most cost effective and powerful digital marketing platform available in the retail food industry, GroceryPress™

SPINS' years of experience in gathering, cleaning and parsing consumer purchase data offers retailers, regardless of size, the ability to communicate with their customer base using a phone app., the retailer’s website, and the retailer’s email marketing campaign management tools, and seamlessly deliver timely offers that we know are of interest to the shopper based on past shopping preference data extracted directly from the retailer’s POS system.

Once your customer downloads the GroceryPress™ app, they simply select the offers that they want and redeem them using their smart phone directly at the POS terminal. If your shopper doesn’t have a smart phone, no problem…Offers can be downloaded to a tablet or personal computer, printed out and redeemed at checkout.

How does it work?

Why GroceryPress™ is right for you

  1. It Drives Additional Sales - Once a shopper downloads the GroceryPress™ Customer Engagement Mobile Application or registers online, they become more engaged with your store. Over time, the system will track their purchase behavior and continually provide them with offers that appeal to their lifestyle, personal tastes, and spending patterns.
  2. It Reduces Promotional Costs - Make “cherry-picking” a thing of the past.  Shoppers who don’t download the GroceryPress™ platform won’t ever see your best offers. Shoppers who don’t engage regularly will not be able to take advantage of your deepest discounts, point programs, or punch card savings.
  3. It Reduces the Cost of Advertising - By getting your best customers to convert to using the GroceryPress™ platform as their primary shopping planner, you can reduce print and distribution costs. Eventually you will find no need distribute print ads and can either opt for a simple in-store piece or eliminate print ads entirely.
  4. Customer Relationship Marketing - No need to manage a costly card-based loyalty program where shoppers who don’t remember their card get access to special offers using a generic card substitute. Almost everyone carries a smart phone or tablet with them at all times, so access to your special offers is always in their purse or pocket. A unique barcode is assigned to each member upon registration which is then used to track transactions and redeem offers at the POS.
  5. You Now Have One Home for All Your Data - Too many of today’s marketing solutions operate within their own silo.  Information is not linked together or shared with other marketing tools. With GroceryPress™, all data resides in a single database and data is universally shared within all parts of the database.
    • Website registration
    • Email newsletter registration
    • Email marketing campaign results
    • Shopping list selection
    • POS transaction history
    • E-receipts
    • Personal recipe collection
    • Points programs
    • Punch card programs
  6. Gain Access to Brand-Funded Promotional Offers - As a retailer, you get to enjoy the benefit of having your shoppers receive special offers on products that they want to purchase and the discount is paid by the brand. Unlike coupon offers placed in FSIs or found on Facebook where shoppers can redeem the offers at any retailer, these coupons will only be redeemable at your stores.
  7. Every Dollar is Targetable, Measurable & Controllable - As a retailer, you no longer need to place virtually all your eggs in one basket. Your options are practically limitless. You can segment your target audience and test various offer types and various spend levels to determine the point at which you maximize your promotional and advertising budget ROI.
    • Target top spenders with offers designed to increase basket size.
    • Target new shoppers with offers designed to get them more engaged in the store.
    • Target low per-cap spenders to get them to move up to a higher spending bracket.
    • Reward your best shoppers to keep them happy and coming back for more.
    • Identify lapsed shoppers and attempt to entice them to return.
    • Promote new products to shoppers who like the category that the product comes from.
    • Entice shoppers who have low use within a department to add items to their cart.