What We Do

We help you sell more food and make you more money doing so. Sounds simple, really, and actually, it is. Most food retailers today are struggling with the realization that the old way of going to market no longer works and needs to change. They are overwhelmed with the challenge of figuring out the correct way to move forward without alienating current customers, or drowning in debt trying every non-traditional marketing solution available only to find that it’s not the correct answer for their needs.

When we started our business, the internet was still a relatively new media. Google was not yet a household brand (Ask Jeeves was the big internet search tool at that time), no one had heard of search engine optimization (SEO), and "social media" was not in our lexicon yet as Twitter and Facebook were yet to be launched. People were still measuring website success in the number of “HITS” on their sites, and web analytics was nearly non-existent.

As we approached new retail food clients, often the first order of business was to build them a website, set up their own internal email accounts so that they could communicate with customers on something other than an AOL account, and create a weekly email notification for customers with the purpose of making important announcements.

Unfortunately, even today there are still far too many independent retailers and small food brands who believe that this all that they can afford to do with respect to marketing and growing their brand. One of the great benefits of technology is that every year, every month, every week and every day, products and processes improve and get cheaper. We are constantly faced with the ability to upgrade to new faster, more powerful technology, and global competition keeps making it less costly to utilize. The problem is that unless you have the luxury and funds to afford an in-house IT development department and an in-house marketing and advertising staff, keeping up competitively is a daunting and impossible task...

So, what is the common answer? Well, small businesses are split. Some fear being passed up and grasp at any new gimmick to see if it will move the sales needle. Unfortunately, more often than not they find themselves spinning their wheels, having spent lots of cash with very little to show for it, and generally finding it near impossible to measure an ROI. Meanwhile, others feel as though they are frozen in time like a deer staring into the headlights, uncertain what to do; and sadly, the answer for them is to do nothing and hope for the best.

Our role at Proco Marketing is to work closely with you, our client, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current branding and marketing strategy and develop a concise, consistent message that will allow you to stand out amongst the clutter of competitive offers, and help you to identify your ideal customer and prospects. Our ultimate goal is to effectively use the resources that you have available to maximize the reach and ROI of your marketing and advertising budget.

The biggest differentiator between our approach to marketing versus a more traditional use of printed circulars or EDL (everyday low) pricing strategies is that everything we do is:

  • Controllable

  • Manageable, and

  • Measurable

...by you, the client. Working with us, you can allocate your advertising and promotional dollars where they will give you the greatest return and at the same time virtually eliminate the inherent waste of mass marketing print production and distribution.